The Restroom of the 21st Century
Submitted by November
February 24, 2009y.

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Too Many Toys...
Submitted by Us_dollar
February 24, 2009y.

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Scary Movie 5
Submitted by Ioanna
February 22, 2009y.

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Your Personal Transporter
Submitted by Tea_92
February 22, 2009y.

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The Return of Elvis
Picture 1 submitted by DON VITO, Picture 2 submitted by don vito
February 22, 2009y.

Elvis vs. Jesus
JESUS is the Lord's shepherd. ELVIS dated Cybill Shepherd.
JESUS was a carpenter. ELVIS' favorite high school class was wood shop.
JESUS was part of the Trinity. ELVIS' very first band was a trio.
JESUS' entourage, the Apostles, had 12 members. ELVIS' entourage, the Memphis Mafia, had 12 members.
JESUS is a Capricorn. (December 25) ELVIS is a Capricorn. (January 8)
JESUS was the lamb of God. ELVIS had mutton chop sideburns.
JESUS' Father is everywhere. ELVIS' father was a drifter, and moved around quite a bit.
JESUS said, "If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink."Â (John 7:37) ELVIS said, "Drinks on me!" (Jailhouse Rock, MGM:1957)
JESUS fasted for 40 days and nights. ELVIS had irregular eating habits. (eg: 5 banana splits for breakfast)
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Deep Water Adventure
Submitted by Marin
February 22, 2009y.

Dylan is in a queue at the Supermarket when he notices that the rather dishy blonde behind him has just raised her hand and is giving him a big 'hello' .
He is rather taken aback that such a looker would be waving to him, and although her face is vaguely familiar, Dylan can't place where he might know her from, so he says, 'Sorry, do you know me?'
She replies, 'I may be mistaken, but I thought you might be the father of one of my children'
Dylan's mind shoots back to the one and only time he has been unfaithful, 'Blimey!' he says, 'Did we meet on Frank's stag do in Newport? Dylan continued, 'When I got out of the police station and got back to the hotel room you had gone.'
No, 'she replies, 'I'm your son's English Teacher'.
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Is Everything OK?!?
Submitted by worker_111
February 22, 2009y.

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Choose One...
Submitted by NeYo
February 22, 2009y.

A famous professor of surgery died and went to heaven. At the pearly gate he was asked by the gatekeeper: 'Have you ever committed a sin you truly regret?'
'Yes,' the professor ansvered. 'When I was a young candidate at the hospital of Saint Lucas, we played soccer against at team from the Community Hospital, and I scored a goal, which was off-side. But the referee did not se it so, and the goal won us the match. I regret that now.'
'Well,' said the gatekeeper. 'That is a very minor sin. You may enter.'
'Thank you very much, Saint Peter,' the professor ansvered.
'Im am not Saint Peter,' said the gatekeeper. 'He is having his lunchbreak. I am Saint Lucas.'
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