100% OriginaL
Picture 1 submitted by anity, Picture 2 submitted by ERVINSKI
November 18, 2009y.

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City Traffic
Submitted by gringle556
November 05, 2009y.

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Submitted by Giorgio
November 01, 2009y.

A man loses his hat, so he goes to church to steal one off of the hat rack. When he gets there, the priest was giving his sermon on the Ten Commandments. Something in the sermon gives the man a flash of insight and, after mass, the man goes to confession to tell the priest what he was going to do...
Man: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Father: Go ahead, son.
Man: I lost my hat and I came to church today to steal a hat off of the rack.
Father: Is that so?
Man: But then I heard you talking about the Ten Commandments - and I changed my mind.
Father: Really? My son, did you make this decision when I was discussing the commandment: "Thou shalt not steal?"
Man: No. It was when you started talking about, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" that I remembered where my hat was!
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Mortal Kombat
Submitted by Rumba
November 01, 2009y.

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The Original Size
Submitted by Ziron
October 29, 2009y.

After the Great Britain Beer Festival, in London, all the Presidents of the brewreys decide to go to the pub for a drink. The coors President said "Can I have the only beer made with Rocky Mountain Spring Water: a Coors, please."
The bartender gave him the drink.
Then the Budweiser President orders, "The King Of Beers -- Budweiser."
The bartender proceeds with the order.
The Amstel President walks in and orders "The Finest Beer ever."
The bartender gives him an Amstel.
Then the Guinness President says, "I'll have a coke please."
The bartender is taken aback by this but gives the coke to him anyway.
All the Presidents looked over at him and said, "Why have you ordered a coke?"
He replied, "Well if you all aren't drinking beer, then neither shall I."
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Top Road Signs
Picture 1 submitted by Христо, Picture 2 submitted by peltekster
October 29, 2009y.

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Parking Perfection!
Submitted by Hover
October 28, 2009y.

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Gangsta Gangsta
Submitted by Indianapolis
October 25, 2009y.

Anybody that can shoot somebody in the face, and then that person apologizes to him? That's gangster.
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