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Note from the Director of site
Topwebshow.com is a website consisting of funny pictures and jokes sent by the users or found on the Internet. The site doesn't mean to offend, satirize or ridicule anyone or violate anyone's rights. The site only aims to show things as they are or as seen by the users and collect amusing and entertaining pictures. Any pictures sent to us will undergo serious consideration and be posted on the web only if found suitable.
We encourage the sharing of photos, pictures, ideas and opinions on the comments, but topwebshow.com is not an "anything goes" website. Topwebshow.com users come from all locations and backgrounds, and have diverse thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Keep this in mind when you participate in the community, and treat others with respect. Photos that attack another person's motivation, intelligence, or character degrade the quality of the discussion and discourage thoughtful comments by others. There are many places on the internet where you are welcome to have moral or political arguments, however, in almost every case, topwebshow.com is not one of them. We are strongly against any materials that involve any kind of discrimination.
We respect our users' intellectual property, and claim no copyright to anything sent to us on the site by our users. However, as a stipulation of using topwebshow.com, we retain the right to keep and display anything sent by users on topwebshow.com as part of the site indefinitely. If you are not prepared to accept this, please do not upload or contribute anything to topwebshow.com

Terms of Use

1. User Content

Topwebshow.com includes information, images, photos, commentary, content, opinions and material that our users send to us ("User Content"). You agree to send only User Content that you have created yourself. Topwebshow.com is not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness, safety, or intellectual property rights of or relating to User Content. We don't test or verify any User Content on the Site. While we do not knowingly accept User Content that violates another's rights, we are not responsible if it happens.
You are responsible for your own User Content. You agree to conform to Site polices and guidelines concerning the size, length, format, subject, content, and relevancy of User Content. Submitting User Content that violates our rules or any applicable local, national or international laws or regulations is not acceptable, and may subject you to sanctions.
We reserve the right to edit, redact or delete any User Content that you send to the Site, at our sole discretion.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Topwebshow.com owns all rights to the Site, its services, the technology, information, documents, files, webpages and other product developed in connection with the Site or available on the Site. Submitting User Content to any area of the Site does NOT transfer ownership rights. You retain the ownership rights to your User Content. By submitting User Content, however, you give certain limited rights to both topwebshow.com and other topwebshow.com users.
You grant to other topwebshow.com members permission to download a copy of images contained in your User Content, to make such alterations and markups for the purpose of commentary as they see fit.
Second, you grant topwebshow.com the right to edit, modify, quote, or reformat your User Content on the Site. You also grant us a perpetual non-exclusive worldwide royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display your User Content on the Site and to promote the Site.
Other than User Content or Third Party Content, we, and/or our software suppliers, own or license all text, graphics, logos, icons, images, photographs, audio clips, video clips and such content is protected international copyright and other intellectual property rights. Topwebshow.com’s selection, coordination and arrangement of content on the Site are the exclusive property of Topwebshow.com, and are protected as a compilation by international copyright laws. All software used on the Site or in conjunction with its operation is the property of topwebshow.com and/or its software suppliers and is protected by international copyright laws.

3. Conduct of Users

Your right to access and use the Site is subject to the following prohibitions:
You may not use the Site to advertise products or services, to solicit users to buy or sell products or services, or to make donations of any kind, without first obtaining the express written approval of topwebshow.com. The only exception to this rule is that private parties may use the classified section to sell personal property.
You may not reproduce or distribute, or cause to be reproduced or distributed, any image or material that you retrieve from the Site, without the express prior permission of both topwebshow.com and, in the case of copyrighted materials, the copyright owner, except for such reproduction as occurs in the ordinary course of viewing or commenting on others' User Content using a web browser in accordance with pho topwebshow.com's guidelines and the Terms.
You may not use the Site to violate anyone's copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights. The User Content that you submit must be your work in its entirety.
You may not use or launch any automated system, including "robots," "spiders," or "offline readers," that access the Site in a manner that sends more request messages to the our servers in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period by using a conventional on-line web browser.

4. Third Party Websites

The Site contains links to third party websites that we do not own or control. Topwebshow.com does not review or edit the content of any third party links, and topwebshow.com has no control over what happens at any third party website. Topwebshow.com assumes no responsibility for the content, policies or practices of any third party websites. You expressly agree to release topwebshow.com from any liability that arises from your use of a third party website.

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